Elmdale Advisory Services (EAS) helps lenders, banks, asset managers, and institutional investors navigate successfully during periods of uncertainty. EAS helps its clients by developing forward-leaning strategies around loans, mortgage, and real estate portfolios. Our goal is to help such institutions think through and solve problems (or questions) touching on several key areas, thereby increasing profitability and minimizing risk. 

Some of the services include:

  • Receivership
  • CFO analysis or audit
  • High-level Financial Strategic Plan
  • Property Management Advisement
  • REO evaluation and Roadmap to Profitability
  • Turnaround Advisement
  • Strategies in Asset class
  • Construction - Rehab vs. new vs. remodel
  • Possible Board Seat Advisory role if needed
  • Brokerage Planning

Using best practices, EAS will help organize and prioritize your portfolio in order to positively affect your bottom line.

If your portfolio holds any of the following, we can help:

  • Properties
  • Debt
  • Mortgages, LOCs, etc.
  • Government resources
  • Underwater assets

Having a seasoned advisory team on your side brings expertise, reporting, and solutions that any Board or Executive Team can utilize for assessment and planning. Turning your problems into opportunities makes for a profitable outlook. 

The real estate market is volatile and generally moves in cycles. Understanding these cycles and adjusting strategy accordingly can help turn risks into opportunities, and potential losses into gains.

Most organizations, both private and public,  cannot justify having a crisis team ready for deployment in house. The skillsets are unique, and in times of prosperity there’s simply not enough need for big team staffed with experts.

When market condition change for the worse, the need for such skills increases quickly, and across the board – which makes it hard to find and retain the right talent right when you need it most.

Having a strategy and strategic partner in place ready for when market conditions turn less favorable gives you a leg up and head-start in navigating difficult times, minimizing losses, maximizing returns and profits, and staying focused on your mission. Events like the worldwide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus can shatter business normal and wreak havoc on otherwise stable economies and markets. The problem such an event cause can be far reaching, long lasting, and potentially devastating. At the same time, these are also times when new opportunities can be found.


Meet Our Team

The partners of Elmdale Advisory Services have been involved in thousands of real estate deals and have been part of the real estate value chain from construction to investment and everything in between. Our team performed in good times and bad. Their unique combined skill sets are now being offered to help communities they have already invested in.

We are uniquely qualified to offer effective advisement, accounting and corporate frameworks that make sense for sustainability and growth while protecting the downside risks.

We have some unique team members who specialize in specific key real estate roles such as:

  • Receivers 
  • Special Asset experts across multiple property types 
  • Architecture and construction firms 
  • High-tech, high-touch approach to operations  
  • In-house full-service dedicated property management team 

As the economic landscape continues to change, at times rapidly, it might make sense for a conversation about your real estate portfolio or a specific question you might have. Why not use what we’ve learned through the economic ups and downs to your advantage? We help solve problem properties or complex real estate situations. We’ve truly seen it all when it comes to the commercial, residential, and everything in between.